5 Tips To Take The Shortcut To Your Six Pack

Faster Six Pack

When it comes to bodybuilding, everyone usually knows the basics. You know that you should do your workouts regularly, eat enough protein (where eggs, fish, chicken, and other lean meats are the best as well as protein bars or protein shakes for the snacks).

Everyone usually knows also about the importance of the proper nutritional supplements. Creatine helps make you stronger during exercise, allows you to lift heavier weights or to complete more repetitions. After workouts it helps to deliver nutrients to where they’re needed for recovery and muscle growth. Vitamin C as well supports recovery and growth.

Nevertheless, there is a couple things you may not know or can forget about though it is still really beneficial to be awere of them. Here are some extra tips you can apply to take the shortcut to your six pack.

1. Eat to loose the body fat and cook in advance

What is your goal? Defined six pack? There are two main steps to be done to reach it. Besides building the muscle mass you also have to loose the body fat, so don´t forget about this in your diet. Neither proteins nor workouts are enough to get the sixpack. It is the diet (not exercise) which controls about 75 percent of weight loss.

Regarding food and eating, there is one special tip quite favourite among many bodybuilders nowadays – cooking in advance. Learn to make large supply of meals which fit your bodybuilding diet and support your goal of getting ripped abs, freeze the meal and than just warm your daily portions in the microwave. You can save a lot of time this way and many fitness guys really do and love this. Even the Six Pack Shortcuts make benefit from cooking in advance.

Another food related extra tip to make getting the six pack and observing the diet less torturing is to schedule one cheat meal every week (eat just anything you want). Reduce the pain without a big harm.

2. Find a professional guidance to get your abs faster

There is a lot of information available on bodybuilding and fitness in general and lots of other information specifically on getting six pack. Finding the proper guidance can save a lot of time. Find someone who has already studied the topic for you and tested the approach on himself or the others. Therefore, getting a personal coach or choosing a workout and diet program which you trust to can really be a shortcut worthy to take. This can eliminate a lot of effort you otherwise would spend on studying the best ways and testing if they really work. When you choose your guidance, make sure to get some feedback on the coach or the program. E.g. starting a random chat with someone in the gym and asking for personal experience can help.

3. Drink water properly

Regarding loosing fat, it is important to drink enough water so your liver can effectively metabolize body fat. Water is also important when you are carb-loading so your body can store glucose as glycogen. From the bodybuilding point of view, the more water inside your muscles, the better they function. Water increases strength and size capacity of muscles. You should drink water before and after the workouts. So, the numbers? Accroding to ISSA one should drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.

4. Find a training partner

Training with someone else can help you keep the motivation and don´t give up. Having a training partner also supports you to train regularly. You can discuss various aspects of the process of getting your six pack, diet or fitness in general or get additional information and experience from some other point of view. And last but not least: training with someone else can be much more fun.

5. Use the power of afterburn effect

The afterburn effect is a special trick to make the elimination of your belly fat and ripping of abs much faster. It is scientifically described as „excess post-excercise oxygen consumption“ (EPOC). And here is how it works: when you do your training and combine the workouts in a specific way, you can stimulate your body to increase the oxygen consumption during the workouts. This allows your body to maximize your calorie burn. Although only very few people in fitness and wellness community apply this approach, afterburn effect is a key factor to burning extensive amounts of body fat in very short time. Six Pack Shortcuts provide you with the workouts system based on afterburn effect.

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