Try Out The Afterburn Cardio Workouts With These Videos

Six Pack Shortcuts Team

In case you are curious about the afterburn cardio workouts, there is no obstacle preventing you from trying it out just now at your home. The only things you need are:

  • the sequence of the movements (nothing complicated – check the videos below)
  • a timer (or just try to follow the video)
  • 15 minutes of time

The main purpuse of cardio workouts is…

There are two basic conditions to be fulfilled to get one´s six pack defined: gain the muscle mass and get rid of excess body fat. Cardio workouts are designed and utilized to help you to eliminate the body fat and they do it in a very efficient way.

High-intensity interval training has been proven to be much more effective compared to traditional endurance training methods. It triggers the process of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (or, as Mike Chang calls it, the „afterburn effect“) in the body and increases the resting metabolic rate for another 24 hours following the workouts. This makes you loosing your body fat for next 24 hours following the exercise.

High-intensity cardio workouts: how does it look like?

The workouts are usually short and have a simple pattern to follow. There is a certain sequence of movements given (e.g. jumping knee tucks, mountain climbers push-ups, box jumps) to be repeated for the whole time, but the intervals of the workout are regularly disrupted by short breaks. General ratio of the workouts and resting time is usually somewhere around 2:1.

Typically the exact time frame for the workout is one of these:

  • 30 seconds workouts – 15 seconds break
  • 1 minute workouts – 15 seconds break

So, with this bit of theory, we can proceed to another step… Ready for the workout? Let´s go!

Workout #1: Try to beat Mike´s 10 rounds!

This typical high-intensity cardio workout of Six Pack Shortcuts is enormously powerful when it comes to burning the excess body fat.

„This workout will burn off every bit of fat on your body and get you killer ripped abs…“ (Mike Chang)download full film iBoy

„This could possibly be the hardest workout I’ve ever done.“ (Mike Chang)

One round of this workout takes 1 minute and there should be a 15 seconds break between each round. You can either do 10 rounds (as Mike and his team in this video) or just do as many as possible…

The three components of this workout are:

  • burpee
  • mountain climbers
  • jumping lunges


Workout #2: How many rounds you can do here? 

In this workout repeat this sequence:

  • jumping lung (5 repetions)
  • pushup (1 repetition)
  • pushup position with toe touches (5 repetitions)
  • pushup (1 repetition)

As in the previous one, in this workout as well one round is 1 minute. Make a 15 seconds break after each round and repeat again till you complete 10 rounds. Or more?

For a bit more complicated version of this workout you can add a pushup in between every toe touch.


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