Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging Review

The bachelors of today are the modern-day “conquistadors” – a term previously used specifically for Spanish conquerors. And the modern-day conquistadors had this metamorphosis that made them end up as women conquerors. Yes, you heard it right. Bars and nightclubs everywhere became the ultimate meet market for men. These are perfect places where men and women go for the same reason: to meet and to mate. For most men, it’s a game— how to come up and dance with her or when is the perfect time to buy her a drink. It’s one great competition for attraction. The consolation prize: a cellphone number. The grand prize, the ultimate purpose of the conquest: a steamy sexy time! Well, some are the masters of the game, and some are the exact opposites, the unlucky ones to say the least.

Now, say you’re one of those conquistadors given the consolation prize, what are you going to do next? Are you going to text her with all these cliché text messages: “How r u?” “U looked so hot tonight.” Or “I hope you arrived safely.” Never forget that the number written on your palm or that piece of napkin given with the number is the start of one great conquest or an epic fail. It can either lead you to a great rejection or a great exhilaration… take note, in bed. So, time is ticking, women are innately fickle-minded, so you have to amp up your game and use your phone to magnetize that girl.

Now, you’ll need a tool that will equip you with the best principles using text messaging as the means to get that second meeting. And here’s the best time when Magnetic Messaging becomes your greatest black book for successful hookups. It’s a very effective source that primarily uses your phone as a way to seal the deal. It’s backed up by proven principles and techniques that will help you captivate the woman you’re immensely attracted to in just three sequence.

So how does Magnetic Messaging work?

The backbone principles really go beyond your texting style. It first tackles the psychology of women. It’s important to understand that the moment a woman gives her phone number, it means that there’s an attraction already present but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ve already won. Indecisive as they are, they might find you unattractive a day, a week or even a month after you met. This is when the real game begins.

Magnetic Messaging works using the “Key Lock Sequence” in three steps.

  1. First is sending a text message that captivates the woman, bringing out her emotions. These emotions are vital because it secures and develops attraction. You heighten their anticipation in such a way that can lead to the ultimate flirtation, making them want your attention more.
  2. Now that you got it going on, it’s time to make her think about being with you. Make her think of things that you can do together. It’s the perfect time to create an emotional connection that goes beyond flirtation.
  3. And the final part is you instill an idea that makes her think of sleeping with you. This is now the “sexual inception.” It can be achieved by composing messages that subliminally sends a message of that makes the woman think of sleeping with you.


Great thing about Magnetic Messaging is its universality in the dating world. It’s not only limited to the first meetings and the time when the phone number was given. Its principles can even pump things between you and the girl who’s losing interest like what happened to Sam.

“3 Dates Set Up Already…”
“The book is DYNAMITE. I texted a couple girls I hadn’t heard from in awhile, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. 3 dates set up, and I only have 3 free days in the next two weeks!
It’s incredible how you have translated what you do in front of a girl to words on a screen to elicit the same emotions…”
Sam H.(Magnetic Messaging customer testimonial)

Or, it could be used as a power weapon to heat things up again with that girl who almost got away, but not this time, not with Magnetic Messaging on your side, like what Kevin experienced.

”Meeting My Dream Girl Friday…”
“Hey Rob I just wanted to say that this is amazing.  I realized that everything I have been texting girls was wrong. I didn’t  think texting was that big of a deal. But I see it in whole new way! And you know that dream girl I was telling you about we are gonna meet up on Friday! I thought that she was never gonna talk to me ever again. This book is BRILLIANT!!”
Kevin N. (Magnetic Messaging customer comment)

Now that all the cards have been laid, your next question might be, will Magnetic Messaging ever work for you?

Before anything else, the book doesn’t just address the issues written above, it covers a several areas of the pre-second-meeting-texting-scene where men are usually socially challenged.  It teaches you how to be deft and creative in composing text messages—how to make her laugh and get interested in you. It gives out the basics on how to establish inside jokes that create that emotional bond and connection exclusive to both of you. Oh, and that random text messages that will make her think about you in the middle of her day, or how to keep her curious and how to really bring out your personality through your messages.

The Magnetic Messaging also teaches you how to work your way around awkward situation – like how to respond to “Who are you?” “I’m tired.” You know, the usual alibis. It provides helpful inputs on how to text the girl after your first date, your first sex and it even offers tips on how to start heating things up up to sexting!


Magnetic Messaging is definitely your go-to hookup book! It’s simple but comprehensive. Bobby Rio’s detailed explanation of the dating game is immaculate. It’s easy to understand and to top it all up; the “Key Lock Sequence” is timeless. It can be used over and over again to different women. Now that you know this, say hello to your epic conquests!

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