Does Musclepharm Combat Powder Help Your Muscle Grow? Review Here.

Musclephar Combat Powder Review

The Musclepharm Combat Powder is a flavoured powdered protein supplement that boasts precision manufacturing of a variety of essential proteins and enzymes that help add muscle with great efficiency. One of its key selling points is getting the right mix of proteins and enzymes so it has a time-released property that slowly trickles out the proteins for a maximum of 8 hours. This allows the body to effectively absorb the proteins it needs for bulking up. Musclepharm Combat Powder contains protein concentrates, hydrolysates, isolates, egg albumen, and micellar casein. Each ingredient has its own unique role in fast muscle build-up.

If you’ve suddenly decided to look for an effective protein supplement to help you bulk up safely and easily, then the Musclepharm Combat Powder may not be a bad choice. But here are a few things to consider should there be any doubts.

How It Works

Muscles are made up of protein, which in turn are composed of amino acids. Musclepharm scientists have precision-engineered various sources of protein that can be easily and rapidly absorbed by the body. The whey protein isolate is gram for gram able to give out the highest yield of protein. Whey protein concentrate is another protein source that is closest to whole food, as it contains real subfractions. Egg albumen is also present and is bioavailable. Bioavailability is defined the fraction of a drug or substance that remains unchanged as it enters systemic circulation.

This is why most individuals are able to tolerate egg albumen as a source for protein. Egg albumen is also high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and arginine. Both aid in hormone production and muscle building. Other BCAAs and glutamine have also been added for better protein digestion and absorption. Micellar casein is protein that is released at a slightly slower rate. This gives additional protection to the muscle tissue during recovery. Last to be released is a digestive enzyme blend that aids protein digestion and absorption, ensuring every bit ingested is utilized by the body. This is one of its strong reasons why efforts in working out of Musclepharm Combat Powder users don’t go to waste.

The big secret behind the Advanced Time Release property is that these proteins and enzymes were engineered by Musclepharm scientists to be released at different rates. This way, the body can process them individually and not overwhelm itself with the sudden added bulk of the components.

What You Get

Musclepharm Combat Powder is available in a huge variety of flavours. Some of these are banana cream, cookies and cream, cinnamon bun, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry cheesecake. This is probably also one of the big selling points of the product. A number of Musclepharm Combat Powder users have posted online reviews praising not just the variety of flavour, but the taste as well. Particular favourites include chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream. However, some users have criticized flavours such as strawberry cheesecake as being too sweet and artificial. In spite of this, overall reviews of the other flavours are above satisfactory.

Combat Powder Flavours

Musclepharm Combat Powder is available in seven individual servings worth $7.99, 907 g for $31.94, 1.8 kg for $49.98, and 4.5 kg for $101.87. The 1.8 kg package is enough for 53 servings of 25 grams of protein each. This gives an estimated range of cost from $0.50 to $1.

Product Testimonials

Musclepharm was founded in 2003 by Cory Gregory and the current CEO, Brad Pyatt (who played for the Indiana Colts) in an effort to compete with overrated and underperforming supplements at the time. Now, for over a decade, a great number of customers of the Musclepharm Combat Powder have grown and become very satisfied by its effectiveness, quality, and taste.

“Their [Musclepharm] protein powders taste the best. I don’t think anyone can even compare. What a great taste!” – Mike Onori, user

“I have had many proteins before, but I am now hooked on this stuff. I loved the easily dissolved formula and the taste. It also gave me my desired results, a must have!” –Brett Zubler, NY

Despite generally positive feedback from users, there are still a few who complained about its difficulty to dissolve in solution, leaving large clumps that float on the surface. Another issue is some users complained having digestive problems a little after consuming the product, which brings us to the next topic.

Warnings and Side Effects

Users should be aware if they are prone to allergies. There may be some proteins and enzymes that can cause moderate to severe allergic reactions to first-time users. There are also the greater majority of users that face the problem of lactose intolerance. This is no surprise, considering the large amount of protein in the product. Long-term users should also be concerned as clinical studies have shown increased risk for liver and kidney damage. There is the added possibility of developing kidney stones. The real trick here is not to entirely depend on the supplement, but use it as part of a well balanced diet that includes home-cooked meals. Since the supplement was designed to eliminate the fats and carbohydrates that are naturally found in protein, users must learn to replenish lost fats and carbohydrates by getting them from other sources. Another important thing to note is to properly follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer. You should always consult a health care professional before adding Musclepharm Combat Powder to your diet, and to clarify any doubts.


As of present, Musclepharm is based in Denver, Colorado. The company has distributed its products in over 120 countries. There are presently 10,000 retail chains in the United States. The company also garnered the brand of the year award in 2012. Sure, the supplement has its share of possible side effects, but this can be alleviated through proper training, diet, and medical consultation. A great majority of the online community has been buzzing about how well the product worked for them, so there should be little doubt that it won’t work for you as well.


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