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Tainer Mike Chang

If you are considering to follow Mike Chang´s way to get the six pack but are still not sure if his way is the best for you, read this summary of Six Pack Shortcuts to learn more about the training process itself. Does it require starving, exhausting workouts and a lot of time? What exactly is provided by Mike Chang in this product? Will you have enough time for that? And when to expect the first results? This article should give you more information about the product and the whole process of getting abs with Six Pack Shortcuts.

With Six Pack Shortcuts, You won´t need…

If you have ever tried to get your abs defined and visible under the layer of belly fat, you may imagine some obstacles which had stopped you last time before you reached the goal or just something you, for any reason, don´t want to work with on the way to your six pack. So, let´s mention first the things you will with Six Pack Shortcuts NEED NOT:

  • any gym or gym membership
  • any personal trainers
  • any starvation diet
  • any supplements
  • many hours per day spent by time consuming workouts

So, what is inside of Six Pack Shortcuts?

You will be provided with these parts of the training system:

  • special eating system
  • training videos with all the workouts you will need to get (and maintain) the six pack
  • additional support resources (like a printable workout log or access to Mike´s exclusive members area etc.)

The most imporant part of the package are nevertheless the training videos. You can stream them with an internet connection or download all videos in high quality .mp4 format in your computer so you can bring them with you on some mobile device to the gym or to any other place you want to use for working out during the time you will be following this special six pack program.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There is also a number of free bonuses being given out by Mike with his product. These bonuses include e.g. a personal 1 on 1 fitness coaching with an access to professional email advice whenever you need or want it.

How much time will you need for Six Pack Shortcuts?

Yes, there is a given time frame for the program after which you should see your six pack defined: 12 weeks. However, Mike Chang recommends to continue to follow the program permanently after this to maintain the results and provides you with some workouts recommended for this maintenance as well.

During three months of the program itself, the participant is required to spend 4 hours per week with it:

  • 30 min. of workouts – 4 times per week
  • 60 min. of cooking – once per week
  • 30 min. of watching training videos – once per week

 What exactly will You have to do?

When starting the training with Six Pack Shortcuts, you will get the access to clients-only site of Mike Chang and this program. You will watch 2 short videos to get started and… you can start with the first workout.

In the beginning you should as well print the workout log (which will be given to you) to track your progress.

Regarding the eating plan, you’ll watch one new video on nutrition each week and then you’ll need to cook a week’s supply of healthy meals in advance according to the nutritional guidelines. (Just 1 hour of cooking per week!)

Concerning exercise, you’ll be working out four times per week and the workouts last usually about 30 minutes.

 4 phases of Six Pack Shortcuts

There are 4 phases of Six Pack Shortcuts with slightly different approach to the training in each one of them (and you will be instructed by a new workout videos at the beginning of each phase). The four phases of Six Pack Shortcuts are:

  1. Building total body muscle mass – the first phase is meant to develop the proper habits. Positive exercise habits are important just as the habit of preparing 7 healthy meals at the beginning of each week and eating properly. In this phase the workouts are a bit shorter than in the others.
  2. Total body fat loss –  the second phase brings more high intensity cardiovascular exercise prepared to accelerate fat loss and build functional strength. Some changes come with eating as well – you should already eat three healthy pre-prepared meals per day in this phase.
  3. Building ab muscle – in the third phase workouts will become much more intense as the body will already be ready for extremely challenging workout. The focus will be on heavy compound weight training engaging the entire body. You can expect squats, power cleans, dead lifts, military presses, and other heavy compound lifts here.
  4. Losing the last fat to get fully defined six pack abs – in the last phase of the process the proper eating system will already be fully implemented, which means that you should eat not three but five healthy pre-prepared meals per day. Regarding workouts, this phase brings more isolation exercises. Besides, ten different workouts will be given to you in this phase as this phase is at the same time the model workout pattern to be followed even after the program to maintain the body and preserve the achieved results. Additional workouts should keep the workouts always fresh and interesting for you. Mike Chang will nevertheless provide the participant as well with the videos that show how to maintain the body with significantly less time than during the Six Pack Shortcuts program itself.

 So, how to sum Six Pack Shortcuts up?

  1. Eating system which doesn´t require starving or too much time for cooking but DOES require your attention, cooking in advance and eating pre-prepared meals.
  2. Workouts which don´t require gym membership or personal trainer but DO require hard work and dedication.
  3. 12-weeks engagement (4 hours per week).

OK, now you should know more about the content of Six Pack Shortcuts and about the process itself, which, hopefully, can help you decide if this could be a viable way for You.

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