The Tao of Badass Review

The Tao of Badass

Today’s dating culture has evolved. It’s not like the old times that women are arranged for marriage, or boy likes girl and girl likes boy it’s love, then boom! They get married. Now, it became more complicated. There are currently different relationship levels like friends with benefits or exclusively-dating-but-not-yet-officially-together, stuff like that, and it’s already a norm. But there will always be men and women who prefer to take it one step at a time before taking things to a serious note. If you’re a guy and you find yourself lost in all of these, you’re not alone! Many men out there are shy, some don’t know how to dress, and others don’t know what to say or don’t know how to be themselves around girls. The Internet provides countless of resources and tools on how to be the confident man that every woman wants to date, but will it ever work? Not all articles tackling dating questions and issues were put to a test and confirmed to be effective. After all, it can only be proven true and successful if it was applied in real-life situations, like how “The Tao of Badass” was authored. There’s this guy, Joshua Pellicer, an average looking dude without a remarkable body, but wanted to be a self-assured man by the time he meets his future wife. He is basically someone who wanted to know how to date women and attract them. So he followed the tips and tricks from the love gurus and dating experts only to find out that most of them are scams. So he threw those rubbish away, delved into different books about the psychology of attraction, and became a successful dating coach and voila, authored a book and created a program that will help you evolve to become the confident man you want to be. The Tao of Badass is a product of firsthand experiences coupled with psychology principles of attraction.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


The Tao of Badass is the step-by-step manual, the comprehensive book guide of men in the dating realm. It is composed of modules that explain topics ranging from gender roles, to understanding confidence, creating love and some useful info about the common mistakes usually made by men. It provides detailed explanation on how to carry yourself from the time you meet a girl, say hi, and how to effectively use your body language—which is really important in the curriculum he created. It’s really the Holy Grail of the dating books because it teaches a wide array of stuff from how to get away from being friend zoned, how to carry yourself in conversing with a girl you like in a loud or crowded place without being weird, how to use a phrase that will rejection-proof anything that is said to the woman, how to be honest in multiple dating and there’s even a guide for breakup. The Tao of Badass got it all covered! Just a tip, The Tao of Badass is not tailor-fit for guys who want to hook up with a girl every night. It’s something deeper and meaningful. These are for guys who want to know how to meet girls and be comfortable around them like Adam.

. . . I’m not some ‘lad’ who just wants to go out and find a different girl every night. I actually hate this whole lad culture thing, so my intentions when I read this were genuine. I treat girls well but have struggled with how to approach them over the years. The Tao Of Badass teaches you how to get a girl’s attention, the right things to say and do, even how to stand, walk, enter a bar etc. It also gives great advice on how to keep a girl interested once you’ve got her number, been dating etc, which for me was a real big problem, to the extent that after a few dates girls who I thought liked me would just stop replying to texts. It’s a bit of a cliche to say, but this has really changed my life. I feel so in control now, and in terms of getting numbers, dates etc I have so many options these days and it’s left me feeling like I’m in the driving seat for once. – Adam M. (A review for The Tao of Badass from

Here’s the catch, The Tao of Badass is also not just limited to the dating scene, but it’s also a manual for men on how to act like one. It explains how important it is to know how you should act around other guys to make friends and gain their respect the way Tom did.

. . . badass teaches you how to make guys like, respect and look up to you, which has an unbelievable effect on how women see you. It comes from the same philosophy, but is 10 times more effective and also a lot safer as with the game a lot of time guys just want to punch you! I’ve made lots of new mates thanks to tao of badass and can walk into bars and pick up girls without seeming like some kind of trained predator. It’s all very natural and easy once you get used to how to behave in a way everyone appreciates. The kind of life changing course that every guy could do with. – Tom J. (The Tao of Badass reader from

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass is technically the product of years of firsthand experiences—failed or success— of the author and of the real men who hired him as a dating coach. It is very detailed but written in a way that’s can be easily understood. If you’re a normal guy, you can definitely relate to the situations being explained in the book, because in the first place it was written by an average guy who had the same issues that you may currently have. It’s worth noting that great lengths of studies and social experiments were done to find out the successful formula that may bring your game back in the dating scene. Good news it’s all of these are found in one book, and you might have just found your playbook!

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