Abs Diet: Eat Your Way To Six Pack

Abs Diet

You already know that for getting ripped, you need two things to happen to your body: get rid of the body fat and build the muscle mass. The theory sounds easy…. So, how to put it into practice? Drop the body fat? OK, let´s work out and go on the diet. But.. The diet (as we usually imagine it) will just help you drop the fat. You can get slim or even skinny. Nevertheless, such a diet will not improve your shape. This is why for getting ripped you need a very specific diet. Try to base it on the advice revealed below…

1. Eat more often!

Eat six times per day small portions of high-quality food. But really, eat six times per day. Don´t forget to eat your snacks. Your schedule can look like this:

7 a.m. – breakfast
10 a.m. – snack
12 a.m. – lunch
3 p.m. – snack
5 p.m. – dinner
10 p.m. – snack

On the other hand, avoid eating too big portions! The optimal portion should not be bigger than a fist and a half.

2. Eat enough calories!

The low calorie diet is not enough. Don´t restrict your calories, because you will need to eat to get the muscle mass as well. Don´t starve! Working out also increases your metabolism, so the extra calories supplied to the body to support wokring out will be burnt not only during the exercise but even after it thanks to higher metabolic rate.

3. Eat enough carbs!

People usually imagine sugar when hearing about carbs. And we all know how unhealthy sugar is. Actually, sugar can be for our health even worse than most of us even imagine … But that´s another story. But carbs are in fact very important. The good ones. So, what source of cabs is the best for us? In the first place, potatoes (mashed potatoes), than pasta, white rice, brown rice and beans. Make sure to eat carbs in the first half of the day and cut them down in the afternoon. In the evening eat veggies and protein.

You might be told that it´s a good idea to eat carbs right before the workout. Which is a myth! It´s better to stay alert and focused for the workouts. So try to schedule your carb-based meals accordingly. In the training days it is recommended to eat slow digesting carbs for breakfast – eggs, protein and carbs in one meal.

4. Set the limit to your proteins!

As soon as you start with bodybuilding you will be told to eat a lot of proteins. There are two big things about proteins. Take care of the optimal source and the optimal amount of proteins in your nutritional plan. Regarding protein sources, chicken breasts, turkey breasts and the eggs are the ones on the top.

But be aware of the proper amount of protein as well. Set the limit! Sometimes we tend to eat as much of proteins as possible to get the desired muscle mass but…! What you may not know is that body is able to absorb only a certain amount of proteins per day, so don´t push yourself to consuming more protein than necessary. Instead, focus on having enough carbs.

5. Use special tricks…

Don´t overeat. Try these tricks to lower your appetite and help you feel full with relevant amount of food already:

  • drink 2 glasses of water before every meal – it expands the stomach which will than send the signal to the brain that you are full
  • eat food with more water content (fresh fruits instead of dry fruits etc.), veggies..
  • eat foods with a lot of fiber in it – beans, veggies,…

Learn to cook in advance. It is really important to eat high-quality meals. Pre-cooking meals will help you having high-quality meal ready any time you will be hungry. And with cooking advance you will be able to follow your diet without too much time spent on cooking and cooking… and cooking…

six pack diet

6. Eat 12 „magic“ six pack foods!

These 12 foods are especially recommended for abs diet. It is said that the more of them you combine in one meal, the better. But every meal should contain at least two of them. So, which foods do we talk about?

Green vegetables (like spinach), berries (raspberries) and nuts (before others almonds) are simply perfect for six pack diet.

Dairy, peanut butter and olive oil as the optimal sources of fat, whereas eggs, lean meat (turkey and chicken) and extra-protein powder (whey) are perfect sources of your protein.

„The amino acids in eggs  are converted into muscle more efficiently than any other protein fuelled food or drink. Recent research shows that eating eggs has very little, if any, effect on blood cholesterol levels.“

Than, you should never forget about instant oatmeal, beans (and other legumes) and the whole grains (breads and cereals).

So, how many of them are usually contained in your meals?

7. Avoid eating six pack stoppers!

Don´t eat unhealthy fat and unhealthy carbs! Among six pack stoppers you can find many things generally considered to be unhealthy like soda drinks and fast-food. So, yes, they really are unhealthy and you should avoid them as much as possible.

Repetition is the mother of learning, so… alcohol, white bread, white rice, white pasta, cheese, chocolate, ice-cream, sweets, chips, fries, crisps, soda/soft drinks, fast-food, processed foods/meats (bacon/sausage/salami etc), butter, margarine, commercial fruit juice, processed & packaged foods. Write this list on the paper and put it on your fridge.

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