A Precise Review Of Insanity Max 30

150 different moves in 16 different workouts of different lengths for different parts of our body together construct Insanity Max 30. 1) Max Out Sweat, 2) Friday Fight: Round 1, 3) Cardio Challenge, 4) Sweat Fast, 5) Tabata Strength, 6) Friday Fight: Round 2, 7) Sweat Intervals, 8) Max Out Cardio, 9) Tabata Power, 10) Max Out Power, 11) Max Out Strength, 12) Max Out 15, 13) Pulse, 14) 360 Abs, 15) Max Out ABs, and 16) AB Attack 10 – these are just the name of the workouts you are going to practice here. Not a single part of your body can evade sweating.

How Does it Work?

It works through its Sane practice of all its Insane workouts. The workouts are designed to make you move fast; each part of your body will be on a run; they will dance with the rhythm of the trainer movements and you will sweat; sweat like anything. All your fat get burnt and your muscles grow; they grow distinct and give you a look, the possible best look you can have.

It has a complete arrangement of Nutrition Guide, No time to cook guide, schedule guide, calendar, food tracker, progress tracker, 7-day journal and as a whole- Max out guide to direct you through every single workout and their moves.


You are going to push you are going to move with the rhythm, with music. Here are the workout summaries.

  1. Max Out Sweat: Designed to make you sweat, this workout will make you move fast and hard. It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 20-25 different moves.
  2. Friday Fight: Round 1: It’s a fight between your body and mind. It’s a 30-32 minute long workout with around 20-25 different moves. You will have to focus on a number of moves you do.
  3. Cardio Challenge: How ready you are to change yourself? It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 30 different moves that will challenge your cardio capacity – to improve it.
  4. Sweat Fast: Long before this workout ends, you will be sweating like a piece of wet foam. It’s a 30 minute long workout with around 25-30 different moves.
  5. Tabata Strength: This workout will challenge your strength, to glorify it. It’s a 30-32 minute long workout with around 15-20 different repetitive moves to strengthen your chest and other parts.
  6. Friday Fight: Round 2: You need to fight hard to get past this round; victory is ensured though.It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 20-25 different moves for all your body. You are going to jump, duck, spread and fold.
  7. Sweat Intervals: A nice combination of all the moves of this workout will produce a nice dance performance. Want to check? It’s a 30-32 minute long workout with around 30-35 different dancing moves.
  8. Max Out Cardio: You will have to be careful when you inhale and exhale. It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 30 different moves for your whole body. At each 30 seconds, there will be a change of moves.
  9. Tabata Power: Where does your power flow through? Your veins. Tabata focuses on your power and its flow with its 30-33 minute long workout with around 30-35 different moves for your whole body.
  10. Max Out Power: Your body is your equipment and you will have to rely on your power. It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 30 different moves to check the power you have in your cores.
  11. Max Out Strength: It’s a 30-33 minute long workout with around 30-35 different dynamic moves. It will check how long you can sustain – to enhance your sustainability of course.
  12. Max Out 15: It’s only a 15 minute long workout with around 20-25 different quick changing moves. You are going to do some boxing moves here with many others moves.
  13. Pulse: This is your pulse workout.It’s just a 20 minute long workout, but it has around 30 different moves to work your heart better.
  14. 360 Abs: It’s only a 15 minute long workout with around 15 different moves. It’s for your abdomen and makes the whole of your body work.
  15. Max Out ABS: It will make you go up and down.It’s too only a 15 minute long workout with around 15 different moves. It’ll frustrate the fat and stimulate the muscles of your AB.
  16. AB Attack 10: It’s just a 10 minute long workout designed to attack your Abdomen with around 10 different moves. It’s a real work on this part of your body.


Speed is very important in Insanity Max 30. Each of its workouts requires a minimum speed, the faster you can practice them the better.


Insanity offers you a food list- to follow and to avoid. Among the Indian foods- you can have Modak, Ghobi Matar Tamatar, Mulligatawny soup, Tandoori chicken. You should avoid Puri, Lamb pilaf, Pork Vindalco curry, Samosas, and Pakora.

Among the Italian foods, you can have Steamed Mussels, Chicken Marsala, Minestrone soup, pasta Primavera. You should avoid Meat Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana, Italian Sausage soup, Fried Calamari and Penne Alfredo.

Avoid Egg Rolls, Velvet Corn Chowder, Orange Chicken, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Duck Sauce and Oyster Sauce of Chinese dishes. You can have Wonton Soup, Egg Drop Soup, Black bean Sauce, Steamed Chicken and Veggies and some others.

What do customers say?

Steven, 46 years old taxi driver tried Insanity Max and said something about it.

“I’m a taxi driver and I’m doing this work since 2004. I usually don’t do any hard work. So my weight was increasing day by day and I couldn’t stop it. My wife Sarah started scolding me for my overweight. I went to a gym; it’s slow and painful. I fled. One of my passengers told me of Insanity Max 30. He lost 15 lbs in two months; didn’t have to lift a straw! He showed me his pictures before three months and I was really surprised. I am practicing it for around 4 weeks and – I am expecting some mini-packs instead of the family pack I have, by belly- look at this (he showed his belly)!”

Will It Work For You?

Are you a man? Then the answer is yes. Are you a woman? Then the answer is- yes again. Insanity Max 30 is designed for both men and women. Even if you have some physical problem, it may work for you. It has no connection with any heavy gym instruments that can make it unfit for cutie, little girls; it has no connection with any instruments at all. All that you need is your body, and your mind- ready.

If so, it will work for you; no matter what your age is. Anyone can practice it to keep them fit; in fact, this is the best use of any fitness exercise. But, anyone who has grown a bit overweight is going to enjoy it most, for they have suffered the over-weight and they will watch them grow back to their former shape (if they had any) or growing to a best possible shape possible for each individual body) every day, week, and fortnight and at the end of a month.

If you are afraid of doing those workouts that fast, Insanity has an offer for you- Start it slow, take more time than it should require and gradually increase your speed. Until you pick up the speed, it will work very slowly. In that case, Insanity may fail you, but you know- this is not its fault; you must do what it asks you to do and the way it asks you to do. Then, it will do what you want it to do- work for you; give you the best possible body structure.

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