Airex Balance Pad Review: A Solution to Your Balance Problems

What is this?

Airex Balance Pad is a type of fitness product which is widely used for improving balance, alignment and stability. SPRI has brought it in the market with certain innovative and effective qualities. This rectangular balance pad is made in Switzerland. It is a multifunctional balance pad that can be used for exercise, rehabilitation, sports conditioning, balance training, co-ordination etc. It is best for personal use for long time. It is designed for barefoot balance training. You can keep it in your home gym or you can use it in professional gyms also. However for whatever purpose you use it you will certainly be pleased with its service.

What Functions Does It Play?

The main function of Airex Balance Pad is balance training. However except balance training it performs versatile functions such as it helps to get rid of back-pain, to maintain a fit health, to improve the muscles of legs etc. It also enhances your body awareness and helps you to maintain sitting balance.

 Airex balance pad is a multifunctional pad that improves joint stability by creating unbalanced surface on the pad. It helps to strengthen the core muscles of lower leg, gluts and ankle. Airex  Balance Pad is an ideal tool for improving motor skills.

Why Airex Balance Pad Is Special?

There are many balance sheets/pads of different features in the market. Among them why will you buy Airex Balance Pad? If you are confused with the question then here is the answer of:

Airex balance pad is really cushy. It does not absorb water. It is pre-sanitized. So it prevents the growth of microbes. It is available in multiple sizes such as XL and Elite version so that people of different physique can choose one according to their need.

One more advantage of this pad is it does not slide on surface. As a result you will not face any difficulties while using it. It offers closed-cell foam which is very soft, comfortable and easy to wash. What you need to wash it is only a damp cloth.

It is affordable for everyone. The price is only $65.00 which is absolutely consistent with the product. Moreover it does not need any assembly. It is always ready for your work.

It is 6 centimeter thick and the surface of this pad is flat very smooth. Due to the softness and smoothness of the balance pad, your body will face a challenge to maintain balance and stability.

Airex Balance Pad offers a downloadable training guide with it. It provides a protective box and instructions with it to let you know how to use it. It is latex free. It also has a perfect dimension and its length is 19.7″, width is 16.1″ and height is 2.4″. Its weight is 1.6 lbs. So you can carry it with you anywhere you like. Its moderate size is also convenient for easy storage.

It’s time endurance is another specialty of this product. You can use it for many successive years. You can use it for a long time as it is tear-resistant. Besides anyone of any age can use it as it is very simple and comfortable to use.

Professional trainers and psycho-therapists highly recommend it in necessary cases. So you can realize that how effective it is for you. One of the most popular sites named has rated it 4.8 out of 5, which is rare. All these features ensure Airex Balance Pad as a most reliable, famous and helpful exercise kit.

Why Do You Need Airex Balance Pad?

Do you have fibromyalgia? Do you have weak muscles of legs? If any of the answer is ‘yes’ then you definitely need Airex Balance Pad. It will reduce your problems that are caused from above causes.

Do you practice Yoga? If you do then Airex Balance Pad is a great tool for you. You can also use it as a kneeling pad which will protect your knees from hardwood floors.

Again many of you need to stand for a long period of time for work purposes. This is harmful to your muscles. You can reduce the harmful effect by using Airex Balance Pad. It will be helpful for strengthening your weak feet. Besides these it will help you improving your co-ordination, motor skills, stamina, standing stability, mobility and so on.

You can use Airex Balance Pad for athletic conditioning. Athletes have to keep a fit body. They have to maintain the balance of legs and bottoms. So they are highly in need of Airex Balance Pad.

Above all it totally depends up to you whether you need a balance pad or not. If you need one then I’ll suggest you Airex Balance Pad because I’m sure that you will love to use it.


However it is not beyond flaws. People have some objections about it. So before buying Airex Balance Pad you should consider the following matters:

  • Although it is claimed as slip-resistant, yet it can slip a little on smooth floors. In this case you can keep an Airex Matt underneath this balance pad.
  • It smells vinyl which is disliked by some buyers.
  • As it is made of foam which is a delicate material so any sharp or pointed object can do harm to it.
  • This balance pad is meant to be used in barefoot. If you use it with shoes on ,it may damage.

Conclusion: Airex Balance Pad is a great product for your day to day use. It will make you comfortable with its wonderful service. This product will meet all your expectations. It will provide you with your multiple requirements. Your lower back pain will disappear with regular use of it. Beside it will improve you bodily imbalance. So you should try it once. And trust me you will not regret for buying it. You can search in the internet for further details and customer reviews. That will help you to learn more about the product.

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