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Six Pack Shortcut with Mike Chang

The workouts in the fitness and abdominal toning program Six Pack Shortcuts are of course the major focus. The program also provides you with an easy to follow and prepare nutrition plan that does not focus on calorie counting or depriving yourself of great foods. The workouts themselves however are heavily tilted towards the advantages of the so called Afterburn Effect, more technically known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. In Six Pack Shortcuts the technique is labelled the Afterburn Effect and it really does form the basis for the entire program.

As you would be well aware, Six Pack Shortcuts is focused mostly on burning fat around the midsection or belly area, while having the grand aim of helping you achieve visible abdominal muscles; otherwise known as a six pack. This is possible for both men and women and will have the added benefit of assisting the rest of your body to tone up as well, as a very welcome “side effect” of the workout programs.

The Afterburn style training of the Six Pack Shortcuts course combines weight lifting exercises with intense cardiovascular workouts. This results in the need for your body to recover after each workout, which is where your calories are burned and your muscles are built; particularly when combined with the nutrition plan that is also revealed in Six Pack Shortcuts.

Why Workout in Afterburn Style?

They state that the big benefit of this type of workout is that the workouts are highly effective and intense, but only need half an hour or less each time. This means you get your exercise done very quickly, but at a very intense level. So be prepared to put your all into each workout to reap the results. After all, there is plenty of time for rest afterwards.

Afterburn style training involves triggering the so called afterburn effect, where muscle tissue is repaired and energy molecules in the body are replenished. All of this results in calories being consumed, so you are both losing fat and building muscle at the same time. Easy exercises like walking and sit ups may trigger a mild afterburn effect, but high intensity workouts trigger it to a much higher degree; and that is what Six Pack Shortcuts aims to do.

Heavy compound weight lifting is a big part of the training that you will need to do as part of the Six Pack Shortcuts course. Compound weight lofting are the basic weight lifting workouts and are very easy to perform. The weight and intensity that you use will of course increase as your fitness improves over time. But the goal is to start with as heavy weights as you can handle, with the aim of wearing yourself out by the end of each workout; this simply can not be achieved with light to moderate weights (according to your body type). In short, be prepared to push a little beyond your comfort levels in the weight training department, but remember that it is generally only for thirty short minutes or less each time.

To burn fat, the goal is to work out quite high intensity cardio exercises that get the heart pumping. Because the workout duration is so short during each Six Pack Shortcuts session, you need to be prepared to put 100% effort into your cardio workouts so that best results can be experienced. In other words, but the end of each high intensity workout session, you will be totally worn out, but happy in the knowledge that you’ve just pushed your body even closer to burning that unwanted fat around the midsection (and on the rest of your body too).

Focus on Abs

Six Pack Shortcuts reveals what they call “17 killer ab exercises”. Most of us only know of two or three truly abdominal focused exercises, with sit ups being the most well known. But as you will learn in Six Pack Shortcuts, there is a lot more to abdominal exercises than plain old sit ups, and that is a heavy focus of the entire course.

The Six Pack Shortcuts workouts are certainly intended to be intense. This is the only true way of seeing real changes in your body, from both a fat loss and a muscle toning and building perspective. If you are committed to putting the plan into action, and dedicating the relatively small amount of time to high intensity workouts that push your body to the limits (with plenty of time for rest and recovery) then there is absolutely no reason that your dream of a six pack and muscular body can not come true – possibly much sooner than you ever thought possible!

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