Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The six-pack abs is today’s holy grail of fitness. However, achieving a ripped body is not always easy for everyone. Toned muscles do not happen overnight since aside from growing muscle mass, many people have to lose a lot of body fats in the first place. Even those who are not considered obese may still have fats in certain areas such as the belly and the arms. Simply doing the squats and sit-ups will not lead you to that goal of a V shaped muscular physique. There might also be routines that do more harm than good and waylay you from your desired proportions. Food deprivation is also not an option. One will need to embark on a program that will take into account everything that is needed to achieve the goal. This will include a workout routine, proper nutrition and supplementation, whenever needed. This is what the Adonis Golden Ratio is all about.

Whoever said that the right body proportion is a must to get a perfect physique is about to be proven wrong. John Barban developed a workout program and nutritional plan that will help you eliminate body fat even in the most stubborn of places known as the Adonis Golden Ratio. This is based on years of research and about the physical attributes of men and women that attract members of the opposite sex. John Barban has found a way to achieve the same figure as the muscular gods of Greek mythology.

Golden Ratio on Men

What is the Adonis Golden Ratio?

It is a twelve-week program that will help you eliminate body fat, especially in the belly area where it is hardest to get rid of. The program is developed to support people who want to achieve a better physique step by step.  First, the program will teach you how to take your initial body measurements. Through this, the areas to focus on will be identified for specific workouts that will help you achieve that perfect body. The necessary nutritional requirement to support the training will also be discussed.

What Does the Adonis Golden Ratio Involve?

This 12 week program will consist of three main features, the workout guide, the nutritional guide, and the supplementation guide.

Work-out Guide – this will help create an environment for anabolic growth and get your weakest muscles burn fat easily, and will include:

  1. Sets of exercises and reps that will help lead you to that V shaped muscular body
  2. An instruction on exercises to avoid, given your initial body measurements
  3. A workout routine that matches your body’s own timed hormone release
  4. A video that will detail the steps you need to do in order to improve muscle development in specific areas of your body

Nutritional Guide – this comes in the form of the Adonis Golden Nutritional Software that analyzes the specific needs given your current physique and the one that you want to achieve and gives you the matching nutritional plan to help you achieve your goal. This will tell you:

  1. What meals to consume given specific workout routines and repetition sets.
  2. What are the specific foods, which include what many would consider as cheat meals that can actually improve anabolic processes?
  3. What are the proteins we usually take and how they can hinder the anabolic process? The program teaches how to time your intake to prevent a relapse.

Supplementation Guide – this may not be necessary since Mr. Barban believes that most of the protein supplements are a waste of time in many cases. But should you need one, the guide will show which supplements are to be consumed and which ones are to be avoided as well as where to get them cheaply, a fraction of a cost charged by many retail stores.

Will this Work for You?

The Adonis Golden Ratio has been proven to work for different physiques, statures and races. Being overweight, or being naturally small, might lead a lot of people to think that they will never achieve that Adonis body. However, people like Jon and Mike are happy to note that abdominal muscles are evident even after a few weeks of following the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Testimonial 2

Adonis Golden Ratio Testimonial

Jon – “The Golden Adonis would have been the last I would try after a series of programs that did not work for me. But when I saw development in my abdominal muscles three weeks into the program, I got encouraged and gave me hope that maybe, this will work out after all. Now, I am very happy with the results.”

Mike – “I am Asian and naturally short and small. While my body is lean, I have always been on the light side and was thin all my life. I never thought that I can build muscle mass to Bruce Lee proportions until I discovered the Adonis Golden Ratio. After just four weeks of religiously following the program, I can already see abdominal muscles develop. That is very encouraging.”

For people who are ageing, getting into shape, much less achieving the Adonis body might be an impossibility. However, like Rick, a retired police officer discovered the opposite.

“Retiring from service had me turned complacent about my health and shape. I never thought I could get my old body back after a few unsuccessful tries with various routines. But with the combination of work-outs, nutritional and occasional supplementation, I was like “good as new” halfway through the program. The Adonis Golden Ratio has been part of my routine since.”

Following this program may require you to rigorously work out and religiously follow the nutritional guide at the start. However, as many people have discovered, this is a sure way to achieving and maintaining the body that you have been dreaming of. A lot of those enrolled in the program has taken to like the workouts and maintained the same rigor in their daily maintenance work-outs because it feels great to have a great body. This will not just get you buffed up, but it will also boost your confidence.

Adonis Golden Ratio Program

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