Does Insane Home Fat Loss Combat Obesity? Review Here.

Many diet supplements have the following reminder: “This product is most effective when combined with a proper diet and regular exercise.” However, people who want instant gratification in losing fat ignore this reminder more often than not. And in the end, they fail in their quest in shedding off unneeded pounds. Even worse, they will go back to their old unhealthy eating habits that made them fat, or even obese, in the first place.

Mike Chang Teaches Us How to Combat Obesity

From Mike Chang – the inventor of the Monster Mass muscle building program – is a fat-burning workout program called Insane Home Fat Loss. The program is named such since it aims to help burn fat and build a slim and toned body in a short period of time. Both Insane Home Fat Loss and Monster Mass have some things in common. They both consist of a series of short workouts, and the workouts themselves are designed for intensity. As with Monster Mass, those who plan to undergo this program must be totally committed to it to prevent sore disappointment in the end.

Many people ask what makes certain people fat. The usual answers are genetics and excessive amounts of unhealthy food. Thus, uninformed people resort to absurd weight loss schemes such as forced starvation and hours and hours of sweating out in the gym. Chang, however, believes another approach to be more effective.

How the Program Works

Chang’s weight loss program has the body’s metabolism as its foundation. Different people have different metabolism levels. This is the main reason why some people still remain thin even after wolfing down absurd amounts of food. For a weight loss program to be effective, the body’s natural metabolism levels need to be raised permanently. Weight watchers who expect instant gratification with weight loss pills alone will ultimately fail in the end, since the pills actually do little to amp up the metabolism levels.

Some exercises, especially long, drawn-out ones, do not increase a person’s metabolism levels. Instead, they even trigger muscle loss, which is what no one wants. Those who enroll into the program must follow the three basic principles. First, the workouts must last 25 minutes or less, but they all have high levels of intensity. Second, the series of exercises in the program must be followed by the book. Third, the person undergoing the program must reach what is called the “fat burning zone” as soon as possible. That zone must be sustained throughout the course of the workout.

What You Will Get from the Program

The program consists of the following: a series of step-by-step demonstration videos with a total run time of 15 minutes, a 10-minute fitness test, a series of fat-burning and lean muscle building videos, a simple fat loss diet plan e-book, and a 14-day trial membership to Chang’s own Advanced Fitness Coaching Program. For those who want to partake in Chang’s workouts but do not want to hand out cash for the program, some of his videos are uploaded on YouTube and thus can be watched for free.

The series of fat-burning and lean muscle building videos is a veritable highlight of the overall program. It consists of eight intense workouts that utilize only a simple hand towel. With the towel, a person can take advantage of his natural body resistance and use it against himself. The workouts last only two minutes each, but so much can be achieved in so little time with the perseverance that the program requires. Slackers and whiners need not apply.

What People are Saying about Insane Home Fat Loss

Adam Dachis says that out of all the workout programs he tried, Insane Home Fat Loss was his favorite. The program may look easy on the outside, he states, but those who are anticipating little effort will be in for a rough awakening. These exercises work because they use a person’s strength against himself – which is a culmination of the timeless quote “a person’s self is his worst enemy”. Another thing that impressed him is the program’s adaptive learning curve. The exercises get harder as bodily strength increases. If planning to follow everything in the video, one should expect very short periods of rest. Even well-sculpted people will learn how challenging the workouts can be.

Christopher Azzari declares that with so many exercise scams out there, it is difficult for a person to find something worthwhile. The $97 workout program, he says, is worth the trouble. The feeling of being drenched with sweat for just a mere 20 minutes a day is a reaction to behold. The production value of the workout videos was a bit rough around the edges, but the exercises speak for themselves. The fact that each workout consumes less time compared to traditional workouts makes Chang’s program attractive to people with busy schedules. Overall, the program is meant for everyone, whether complete newcomers or seasoned bodybuilders.

Melissa Lewis emphasizes why patience is a virtue, especially in an intense workout program such as this.

She did not notice the promised improvements when she first singed on with the program. But as she pushed on, she gradually reaped the benefits. On the fourth week of her continuous experience with the Insane Home Fat Loss program, she felt powerful energy running down her body. One week later, she finally lost unneeded fat. A weight loss of four pounds amazed her. With the gradual but steady fat loss, she eventually took up activities such as swimming.

Miss Lewis likes the fact that the Insane Home Fat Loss program revolves around the person undergoing it. The schedules are flexible and customizable to fit the person’s daily routines. Anyone can do the Insane Home Fat Loss workout at will in the comfort of their own homes.

Discipline is the Key

Overall, the Insane Home Fat Loss is highly recommended for people who are getting impatient about burning fat but are willing to dedicate their free time to actually committing themselves to do it. Like with other fitness programs created by Mike Chang, a personal sense of discipline is required to achieve optimal results.

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