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Lean Hybrid Muscle Review

If you are reading this piece, it is because it has always been your dream to build a v-shaped physique and a stronger body with enormous biceps to boot. However, in order to successfully repackage your body into something that would make bodybuilders green with envy, we need to understand the building blocks of muscles and how they work. The human muscle is composed of fibers that join together to form muscle and form the muscoskeletal system of the human body. These fibers do not just join together to produce a mass. They also dictate how such muscle would function.

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Humans have different types of fibers that compose the muscles lining our skeletal system. These fiber types have different functions as to providing strength, flexibility and transition mechanisms. Various fibers are also used for slow and fast movements, and are used regularly even with the most mundane task of scratching one’s back. By evolution, humans have also developed hybrid fiber types that are used for various functions as well. Hybrid types are very important as they are complex molecular systems the helps expand the repertoire of the muscle group of which they belong. Thus, the presence of hybrid fibers in a muscle system makes such muscles not just a bulky mass but also a functional, working one. Such is the scientific basis behind the now popular Lean Hybrid Muscle program.

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Why the Focus on Lean Hybrid Muscles?

As the name suggests, it is a program that focuses on the development and growth of lean hybrid muscles in the human body. The choice for this type of muscle is a no-brainer. These muscles are built not just for a show but they can actually do real work. They are functional muscles that give you power in heavy lifting in the fashion of a powerlifter, and also gives strength and flexibility that allows you to perform heavy tasks like a strongman on the docks. What do you get from this? That ripped body and the long hours at the gym is now not just for the sake of being lean and looking good, you can actually put those muscles into good use in many different situations or circumstances.


Type 3 Muscle Fibers

The Lean Hybrid Muscle program allows you to fully develop hybrid type fibers in strategic muscles in your body. These muscles, known as Type 2C muscles is a superior mix of slow twitch (type 1) and fast twitch (type 2) muscles making them flexible and adaptable as they are strong and massive.

Various Components, One Goal

The program comes with a training manual, a nutritional plan and a hybrid diet meal plan. The synergistic diet complements the training to help you achieve your goal of a well-built and functional body in no time. Alternative and equivalent meal suggestions are available should you happen to dislike or be allergic to some ingredients of the meal plan for the day.

The training routines are also designed to simulate normal body movements and activities as well. This helps in improving the functionality of body muscles.

Another good thing about the Lean Hybrid Muscle program is that you do not need special equipment for training save for the usual basic stuff such as barbells, dumb bells and bands. Thus, you can also do this at home should a regular gym visit becomes inconvenient for you. You can also schedule your training at a time that suits your lifestyle.

Many unguided trainings or inferior programs focus on bulking up or mass gaining and then leaning out after for specific muscles. The problem with this strategy is that we tend to lose muscles or strength afterwards. There is a danger of you becoming

Elliott Hulse

Elilott Hulse

either lean and weak, or strong and fat thereafter. We do not want that to happen. Remember, the goal of Lean Hybrid Muscle program is to build up bulk while maintaining strength and functionality. You will not end up becoming a lumbering boulder.

What others are saying

Many of those who have tried the Lean Hybrid Muscle program attest to becoming stronger yet feeling lightweight after undergoing the program. Fred of Missouri explains that his strength training went beyond his fascination for the v-shaped physique.

“I never thought I could get more from training than just having a ripped body to show off. I realized after the program that I can actually do physical stuff that I do not use to be able to do before. My training has given me flexibility despite my mass, as if I have the reflexes of a martial arts expert and not an awkward giant.”

The Lean Hybrid Muscle program is also applicable for ladies. It is not true that the two sexes require different regimens for mass build up and toning up. Lea, a dancer, has this to say.

“I want my body to be as toned as a body builder. But, as a dancer, I do not want to lose my agility too. Following the Lean Hybrid Muscle program gave me the chance to fulfill my dream of a buffed physique while maintaining my grace and agility that are essential for my job as a dancer.”

Program creator and fitness instructor Elliot Hulse also observed that a number of women trying his program at his gym do better than their male counterparts, employing the same routines. This is especially true for those trying on strength training for the first time. Among the most immediate and obvious results are better posture and butt and breast lifting.

The good news about this program is that it is available online. Elliot Hustle maintains a website that allows you to download the instructional materials and manuals in an instant. With this, you can immediately start right now. He also publishes YouTube tutorials to let you observe the whole deal while weighing your options.
A Proven and Tested Program

Lean Hybrid Muscle

The Lean Hybrid Muscle definitely works for everybody who had tried this. Backed by scientific facts and years of experience at the gym helping other people build muscles and strength, Elliot has finally nailed the perfect formula to a v-shaped body without the puffiness that often comes with body building.

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