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Who’s this Mike Chang guy?

Mike Chang is a well know contemporary workout celebrity with an asian appeal remotely resembling a bit of Bruce Lee´s spirit. When you start to seek out the best workout program to rip your abs, it is almost impossible not to run into Mike Chang and his Sixpack Shortcuts. The number of subscribers to his Youtube channel Six Pack Shortcuts is getting close to 3 millions in 2014 and when you try to „google“ Mike Chang and his Sixpack Shortcuts, you will get about one million results. So, who actually is this dragon warrior of the fitness and bodybuilding universe and what kind of workout magic is behind his success story?

Mr. Nobody from Texas

Mike Chang began his life as an ordinary guy and there is even no kung-fu legend mystery surrounding his childhood. Despite his slightly exotic appearance and name he is just an average american guy grown up in Houston, Texas.

In the very beginning of his fitness career Mike Chang was a typical out-of-shape guy weighing in at 220 lbs:

„The sagging gut, the bat-wing arms, the only real line of definition being the separation between his lower and upper lip as the next handful of poutine makes its way down the hatch.“

But he had a clear goal: to achieve a chiseled abdominal physique.

Just stick it out, Mike!

Mike was seriously devoted to his intention to get into a better shape – at any cost. He developed a great passion for exercise and fitness programs and spent many hours not just in the gym with any workouts available but as well in front of the computer searching for the most intense and effective way to gain muscle definition.

On top of that, Chang worked with several mentors as well, where one of the most important was his personal trainer called Zach. Zach, by the way, had worked with various other celebrities. Besides many workout routines Mike Chang studied as well the world of nutritional needs and the inner processes of the human body. This period went around years 2005-2006.

„ Chang tried all of the tricks in the book; the so-called get ripped quick videos, the celebrity diets and workouts, hour after hour on the treadmill, nothing was working. They were just fad programs that talked the talk, but got suspiciously quiet when it came to results.“

Work(outs) which paid off

In the end, Mike created his own diet program (which – surprisingly – does not restrict your calories), and studied what sorts of workouts build specific groups of muscles. Thus he created his concept of Sixpack Shortcuts and proved his approach by his own muscle definition: long-sought six pack. Ab training has been the main focus of his fitness work since the very beginning. Mike Chang is as well known as the ‘Six Pack Abs Coach’.

One of the main points of his approach is so called afterburner effect: „to put the body into a calorie and fat burning zone for 48 hours following the exercises, which really accelerates your progress.“

Mike is certified by ISSA Personal Trainer Certification and over the years he became a full-time personal trainer.

Mike´s program became popular not only among his friends and his first clients but in recent years as well on the internet. Since that, Mike Chang has started to support his fans and followers and all the six pack enthusiasts all over the world by making his program available internationally online. In these days he is regularly supplying his Youtube channel with many inspiring, motivational and helpful six pack workout videos appreciated by many subscribers longing for ripped abs.

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