Will Mike Chang’s Monster Mass Work for You? Review Here.

Monster Mass Review

A bodybuilder’s mindset is very simple: muscles are good, body fat is bad.  In their quest to flex those pecs, they should not depend on steroids. These substances are not just aberrations in the eyes of athletic organizations, but they can also compromise health and may lead to the deaths of their users. The best and only way to encourage the growth of muscles is by doing it naturally. An example of a safe and legitimate muscle-building product is Monster Mass.

The Muscle-Building Program That’s Guaranteed Safe and Effective

Monster Mass is the brainchild of bodybuilder Mike Chang. His years of experience in his field of specialty enabled him to formulate a fitness program that is meant for average-looking, skinny people. However, as with every other fitness program on the market, Chang’s program should be followed thoroughly to ensure the best results. Whiners and slackers are advised not to undergo the program, or else they will expect severe disappointment in the end.

Skinniness is not as life-threatening as obesity, but even skinny people possess a fair amount of fat, particularly in the arms and the legs. Skinny people may look agile on the outside, but their lack of stamina holds them back. If they want to amp up their agility levels, they must first build lean muscles that are the power sources for nimble arms and legs that enable them to run as fast as Usain Bolt.

How the Program Can Work for You

Monster Mass focuses on one thing: the rapid transformation of skinny appendages into lean and mean gears that power the agility machine that is the human body. The key lies in what is called “Monster Sets”, which is a series of pairs of exercise techniques. These pairs act much like a balance, as they target opposing muscle groups to create a pump that will accelerate muscle growth. An accelerated muscle growth requires a workout that should not consume too much time. 30 to 45 minutes is what it takes to build muscles, but here comes the caveat. The workout is designed to be intense since it targets all possible muscle groups. This is the main reason why whiners and slackers are advised not to undergo this program as mentioned above. Besides the intensity of the workout, people who plan to undergo the program are advised to uphold other aspects of fitness such as diets, supplementation, and a proper mindset. This way, optimal results can be achieved. And for those who are asking if they need to buy complicated and expensive fitness equipment for this program, they should not worry. Chang’s program only requires the most basic of equipment such as weights.

Getting More Value for your Money

The program itself is comprehensive. Besides the requisite instructional DVDs that contain the workouts, it also contains a diet training video and recipe guide, a video and e-book about the fifteen universal laws of muscle building, and a 14-day trial membership to Chang’s own Advanced Fitness Coaching Program. The comprehensiveness that is mentioned in the previous paragraph is upheld in the entire Monster Mass program.

Chang’s workout program should not be confused with the bodybuilding supplement of the same name that aims to gain weight in terms of building muscles. But since the end goals of the Monster Mass workout program and the Monster Mass protein supplement are the same, they can used in concert with each other.

Customer Feedback about Monster Mass

Vince Delmonico states that Mike Chang is a cool and casual type of guy, which is a refreshing change from traditional fitness instructors who act like boring boot camp drill instructors. With Chang’s attitude, customers will learn to appreciate and get the most out of this program. There are some mild expletives being thrown out, but they are as tame as any PG-rated TV program can allow. If it is time to push big weights and flex those stubby arms and legs, a person would want someone like Mike to hand out some encouragement. The injection of some humor also helps.

A commenter by the name of Matthew Spencer has this to say. He may have been humbled from following the entire program’s pieces of advice on nutrition, training, and recovery as precisely as he could. But in the end, he felt the results that were being advertised turning into reality. Since starting the program, he has already managed to pack on 9 pounds of pure muscle. He recommends the program to skinny people like him who want a natural yet brutal weight gain.

Johnson Li’s testimony, which is posted on the program’s official website, shows how a skinny man’s desperation turned into hope.

In the beginning, he was the laughingstock of friends and relatives for being skinny. After a year of trying practically everything to gain lean muscles, his build still has not changed that much. He looked like he was about to give up and dive into despair.

During that period of desperation, he found Chang’s workout program. He first doubted the muscle-building power of the Monster Sets, but as time went on, he was gradually seeing the light. By closely following every set to the letter, he managed to gain layer after layer of muscle every month. The growth was slow, but the gains were certain.

His fellows who used to ridicule him are now looking up to him for inspiration. The changes to his body were remarkable. His torso widened and became well-sculpted. The flimsy arms and legs he used to despise are now his greatest assets. He is definitely leaner and meaner than before.

With the humility and rigid discipline the program requires from people like him, he is now one of the big shots at every gym he goes to. He feels like there is nothing he cannot accomplish.

Stay Committed for Best Results

In the end, the Monster Mass program is highly recommended for people who want to build lean and mean muscles naturally and rapidly. However, this accelerated growth requires a huge amount of commitment to be made. As a positive consequence, people who have succeeded in the workout acquire a sense of discipline that makes them morally and spiritually upright no matter what challenges are being thrown at them

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