Six Pack Shortcuts – What You Need To Know

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Six Pack Shortcuts program, and information to help you make sense of it. The more you know about what this program involves, the better position you are going to be in in order to make the right decision. Is Six Pack Shortcuts right for your goals? Hopefully this article will assist you in finding out!

How is Six Pack Shortcuts different from the hundreds of other exercise programs out there?

Six Pack Shortcuts is tightly focused on burning stomach fat and achieving noticeable tight abdominal muscles, whilst most other programs are focused on general fitness or bodybuilding. The Afterburn Effect is the unique feature of Six Pack Shortcuts and forms the basis for the entire program.

How much time does the Six Pack Shortcuts require each day or week?

Start a new fitness and nutrition program often presents a problem for people – they simply do not have the time to dedicate to it. Six Pack Shortcuts has been designed to fit into busy lifestyles whoever, and only requires workouts of 30 minutes or so in length. The food preparation that is instructed in the course totals only one hour per week, and the exercises themselves have been created to be very easy to learn and follow. In short, Six Pack Shortcuts is simple program with great potential power.

Is this for men only, or is Six Pack Shortcuts recommended for women as well?

The program is all about getting into prime shape, so it is certainly suited for both women and men. Women undertaking Six Pack Shortcuts are able to build muscle tone whilst still retaining a natural feminine shape.

Do you already need to be really fit to undertake this program?

There are no fitness or age requirements for Six Pack Shortcuts, and you are able to increase the intensity of your workouts as you work through the program. So even if you have not worked out for some time, it’s possible to start from the ground up and watch your progress!

What other exercises do you need to do as part of the Six Pack Shortcuts program?

Heavy weight lifting is a major part of the program, but you will never have to lift more than you are comfortable with. additionally, stomach fat is targeted through cardio exercises that are of a high intensity. As the focus is on the abs, there are a good number of abdominal exercises also taught in the Six Pack Shortcuts. All of these workouts, in addition the Afterburn Effect, work together to help you achieve that toned, muscular physique you’ve been dreaming of.

Is there any customer support or help available?

Yes, it is great to note that they offer a good range of support options. In fact, they seem to go above and beyond the call of duty in this department. One of the most exciting things that you get as a Six Pack Shortcuts customer is the ability to access personal one on one coaching. This gives you access to a live trainer who is able to answer your own personal questions regarding the training videos, or anything to do with the course and your progress. The trainers are ISSA certified and are full time so are there whenever you might need them. There is also live phone support available for all customers, from 11am – 8pm United States Central time.

Is it all about exercise, or is diet advice provided as well?

An eating plan is also part of the Six Pack Shortcuts program. As you might expect, you need to eat properly in order for your muscles to grow and for adequate fat to be lost. One video per week is given to you as part of the program, so you are certainly not overloaded with information about food.
The program requires you to spend around an hour per week cooking the recommended meals that have been formulated to help you to get the absolute most from your workouts, both pre, during and post workout. This is a small amount of time to spend for food preparation on a weekly basis, considering the potential benefits that await and the fact that one week of food is prepared all at one time.

Is there a guarantee that people will see results with Six Pack Shortcuts?

A 100% money back guarantee is on offer for all customers, so you have virtually no risk in signing up to the program. The guarantee states that if you do not achieve the abs and the body you expected after following the program precisely, you are entitled to the full purchase price to be refunded to you. This shows great confidence in the product and certainly gives you peace of mind that you are investing in something that is known to work.

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