Clark Shao’s Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Who does not want a great looking six pack? Men and women alike often dream of having a flat, toned stomach, but few ever reach that goal. Simply performing a few sit ups each day is generally not enough for most people. This is because it is not only muscle that needs to be toned, but fat that needs to be lost, if the abdominal muscles are to become visible. Embarking on a general weight loss program can certainly work, but this takes a lot of time for most people. Focusing almost specifically on the abs then, is often more desirable for those of us who have a priority for visible, toned abdominal muscles. Six Pack Shortcuts is a program that does just that, so is unique amongst fitness programs. But is it any good and can it really work for you? Read on to find out what we discovered!

What is Six Pack Shortcuts?

Six Pack Shortcuts is all about showing you how to get those much desired six pack abs, and a ripped body; that is, a toned, muscular body that is devoid of unsightly and unwanted fat, and replaced with noticeably shaped muscles. It is not only for men, but for anyone who wishes to enhance the shape of their body, to any level that they desire. The abdominal muscles are a big focus of the program, obviously, and the overall goal is to rid the mid section of fat – something that so many find to be such a challenge.

What Does Six Pack Shortcuts Involve?

The people behind Six Pack Shortcuts refer to the style of workout in the program as Afterburn Training. This involves high intensity cardiovascular training, as well as weights training. Therefore, they are quite intense workouts that require a good level of commitment ad energy, but for potential results that can not be achieved with most other workout types. The idea is to wear the body out to a level where it needs to recover, therefore allowing the body to make substantial muscle gains (and fat loss) in a relatively short period of time – they say that the workouts require only half an hour or less each time.

Are People Seeing Results With The Program?

Being overweight often leads people to think that they will never get a six pack, let alone one in only a few months. But people like Dan are happy to state that he saw his abdominal muscles for the first time ever, and after just a few months of putting the program into action. This is hugely encouraging to know!

“I was actually just about to give up, when I heard about Six Pack Shortcuts. I gave the program a try, and you can see the results I got just a few months later. And the most exciting part for me was, I finally saw my abs for the first time in my life.” – Dan

(Six Pack Shortcuts customer comment)

As people age and lose the fitness of their youth, the mid section is normally the first to show it. People like Eric have successfully used the program to regain definition of the abdominal muscles, whilst losing fat in general. This is in line with the purpose of Six Pack Shortcuts.

“Thanks to Six Pack Shortcuts and to you Mike, I’m back down to football playing shape. One of my main goals with the program was to reduce my waistline and to see ab definition. You can see how my abs looked at the end of the program from the picture, and I was very satisfied with the reduction in my waistline as well.” – Eric (Six Pack Shortcuts testimonial).

What Else Should You Know About It?

The creators of Six Pack Shortcuts are not shy in letting you know that you need to be prepared for hard, intense workouts. These are short workout bursts of around thirty minutes, so if you want to get real results, you simply need to be committed to pushing your body hard during that time. They can not guarantee results without your commitment, but are extremely confident that if you are willing to follow the program precisely, that you will notice substantial changes in your body shape.

How To Get The Six Pack Shortcuts Program

The current cost of the program is $97 and this includes 21 workout videos for you to follow, a workout log that you can print out and access to the exclusive members area where you can choose to either download the videos, or stream them online. This allows you to get started right away. There are also a number of free bonuses being given out with the purchase, with the most exciting being the personal one on one fitness coaching that gives you access to professional email advice whenever you want it!

Does It Really Work?

People have been motivated and willing to put the Six Pack Shortcuts plan into action seem to be seeing excellent, inspirational results. Is this going to be possible for you? There is absolutely no reason why not. Six Pack Shortcuts is a plan of action that literally shows you how to reach the goal of achieving a flat, toned stomach; all you need to do is follow it. With that in mind, it is easy to recommend Six Pack Shortcuts to anyone with a serious goal of getting toned and fit!

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    • Hi Hossain Minhaj,
      both numbers are great: If five days fit comfortably in your week then go for it, but if you know
      that you will be stressed if you have to train five times a week just workout hard and intensive four times a week and you will be perfectly fine.

      I hope that helps

      Shortcut Workouts

  • days per week, time off for recovery, sets, reps, weight, variation, and tempo) that
    changes the variables in your workouts so that your abs don’t plateau in their changing and continue to define and develop.
    It is hard to get six pack abs especially if you have
    a bulging belly. This isometric exercise is perfect
    for stabilizing your core.

    • Hi,
      My name is John but I will gladly answer your question 🙂
      I would not recommend cardio for a skinny guy but rather a good workout program and a balanced diet to gain weight.
      If you wish to have toned stomach and great abs I would recommend you the programm of Mike Chang, because he will not only teach you how to gain muscles but also to prepare your meals in advance and that will help you to gain weight.
      Check out the official Site of Mike Chang to know more: The Official Site

  • I have been working out for about a year now and still can’t really see much of a change I am 18 and I’m trying to get thst ripped body every guy wants. Do you have any ideas?

    I have only just started watching your videos so I’m new to the six packshortcuts way.

    • Hi James,
      Basically there are three main aspects that you can influence if you want to change your looks.

      1) Food
      2) Workout
      3) Sleep

      You said you’ve been working out but did you also change what you eat how long you sleep?

  • Hello, my name is Raul, looking for help I’m 25yrs old I have let go of my body for the last 4 years, I eat all the wrong things as well as drink, energy drinks like 3 daily , anyway my body is now hurting my knees legs my belly is showing I have man boobs I hate this, is time to do something about it, I need help, where do I start, how? I’m always tired I work 12hrs a day, except Sundays plz help, I never have energy I want to look good gain muscle and a six PAC it’s almost a dream, I wish I can get help thank yoi

    • Yes afterburn is for women and for men. A lot of female friends of mine used to think that they have to do different workouts than men, because they are scared of getting jacked. In reality women will never get as jacked as men even when they do the same workout my girlfriends had great results when they did workouts for their muscles and their body started to become more curvy in an attractive feminine way.
      Find Out More About Afterburn On The Official Site

    • Hi Ben,
      It depends on where you are at now. If you are already skinny you can see your abs after a few weeks of training. If your abs are covered with a layer of fat you first have to get rid of that layer of fat. The Sixpackshortcuts program was especially created to help you burn this extra layer in a very short time. The most important thing is not how many days it will take you but that you finally take action and make sport a part of your lifestyle.
      Click Here To Discover More About Six Pack Shortcuts At The Official Site

    • Rather than counting the days you can make working out part of your livestyle. If you want to know how long it takes to see results it is a little bit more difficult to answer the question without knowing what your situation is. I’m more the skinny type a guy and when I do a sixpackshortcuts workout for two weeks I can see the results.
      What is your goal do you want to lose or to gain weight/fat?

  • Hi mike I’m 26 years old and want to start training and building lean muscle but don’t no what or were to start need help

  • I am 13 and weigh 145 lbs and am 5 foot 9 inches how many calories should I eat and how fast will I loss weight

    • I don’t suggest that you count your calories. There are better ways to controll your diet and it’s not very funny to count calories is it?
      I prefer to inform myslef about good and bad food habits trough reading forums in the internet or I buy books about the topic.
      If you don’t want to look trough a lot of information you simply visit the official site and check if you like the sixpackshortcuts program.

    • Yes food education is actually a part of the sixpackshortcuts program. And I can give you an very important hint.
      It is not only important what you eat and drink but also how often you do it. I recommend you to eat 4-5 times a day and in order to do that without being forced to cook all the time you can prepare your meals in advance.

      If you want to know more about diet, workout and preparing meals in advance visit The Official Site

  • I have been using you plans on YouTube! They are intense just the way I like em!
    I want to get into the whole routine and set up my workouts.
    Want the whole insanity how do I get a plan from you?

  • hey mike.
    I’m 17 and I weigh just over 12 and a half stone. and I hit the gym as much as I can,would you be able to tell me how much protein, fats, and carbohydrates I need on a daily basis.

    • Hi Clark,
      For Protein you divide your body weight by 2.2, this gives your weight in kilograms. You multiply your kilogram weight by 0.8, this gives you your daily intake of protein.
      For Fats eat lots of Omega 3 fats through fish, lots of omega 6 through nuts and vegetables and also fats through the consumation of meat.ättigte Fette im Fleisch.
      For your carbohydrate intake I recommend the carb calculator from

      You can find a detailed nutrition plan for your body type and diet in the sixpack shortcuts package

      • hey mike.
        im 17 years old and i weight 120. im a skinny guy i just started to go to the gym and im taking protein shakes. people say i cant eat fat and stuff like hat like fast food i cant eat because they say it wont work. im trying to gain muscles. can you tell me what can i eat and what i cant eat

        thank you!

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