Finally a Comprehensive Tacfit Commando Review

Tacfit Commando Review

Tacfit Commando is a bodyweight-only training program that is pieced together from different training programs used by Israeli counter-terrorism groups and secret service agents, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters. It was conceptualized by ‘Flow Coach’ Scott Sonnon after he visited the old Soviet Union to train with Olympic coaches, the Spetsnaz special forces, secret police, and even cosmonauts. After six year of grueling training, Sonnon returned to the United States where he quickly became the trainer of choice for those whose lives greatly depend on their training.

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How Does it Work?

Tacfit Commando works by incorporating High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits, Complex Skills Development, Real Tactical Applications, Injury-Proofing and Active Recovery and Functional Muscle Development components.

High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits. Each of the exercises in the program could be performed in less than half an hour. However, the intensity of the work can make fat burn quicker than hours and hours of cardio can.
Complex Skills Development. This is not about lifting weights over and over. The exercises require you to possess neurological sophistication. This means more accuracy in terms of fine motor skills, efficiency in terms of gross motor skills, and better crisis and danger coping mechanisms. Users of the program reported being able to think so quickly that time would seem to slow down as you speed up.


Real Tactical Applications. The program also incorporates Real Tactical Applications, which means it is not simple exercising for the sake of exercising. It will teach you exercises that you will actually find useful in the field. This is coupled of course with the consideration that every exercise should at the same time give you the best conditioning possible.

Injury-Proofing and Active Recovery. One of the best things about the exercise is that it incorporates specific low-intensity mobility exercises. These will help speed up your recovery and prevent overtraining. Note that this is one of the most difficult training programs on earth. This particular aspect, however, means that muscle soreness due to overexertion is diminished, so that you will be constantly ready for your missions.
Functional Muscle Development. The makers of the program are not concerned with buffing you up. Many trainers are guilty of this—targeting muscle groups which grow quickly but without optimizing the functionality of these muscles. For the program, your muscles must not be for show; they should add to your power as well.

Why Does It Work Well?

Three key things make Tacfit Commando work so well. These are portability, efficiency, and tactical relevance. These key things are due to the nature of the program as originally intended.

First of all, the program works well because of its portability. Naturally, a program like this should allow operatives to train anytime and anywhere—and when it was translated into an exercise program, this characteristic was also transferred. The exercises do not require equipment. It is bodyweight-only, and you can do the exercises in the same amount of space you would need to lie down.


Secondly, the exercises are highly efficient. The efficiency is because operatives would have to be constantly on the go—meaning their training should be made to fit into such a variable schedule. You can do most of the exercises in less than 30 minutes, but it gives you enough fat melting and muscle building rates that even most athletes don’t achieve in one full hour.

Lastly, the exercises are tactically relevant. Operatives don’t exercise just to get bigger; they don’t exercise just for the hell of it. They need these exercises to help them survive and meet the demands of their work. This is why the exercises must translate to skills that are useful in the field. It also does not mean physical skills only—the program allows operatives and users to stay calm and focused even in high-crisis situations.
What Are People Saying About It?


Even a Navy SEAL has noted the efficiency of the Tacfit Commando program. It’s portable and efficient, but the biggest draw is that it gives your exercises relevance.

Tom Schibler, a Navy SEAL who retired in 2006, noted that Tacfit Commando is a standout among the many functional training regimens because it is simultaneously simple and intricate. According to Schibler, every component is designed to maximize battle performance, greatly helped by Sonnon’s distinct knack for describing how each movement is executed, and how it is important. Schibler further said that since it is a bodyweight training system, you can enhance combat fitness anytime and anywhere.

Never mind the rest of this review—hearing it from an actual special ops agent should be enough to convince you. Keep in mind that his life depends on training, so he would not be kidding around on a subject like this.

Vernon Jeffery, a US Army and Air Force Special Operator, notes that the strongest point of the Tacfit Commando regimen is that it provides a system that Special Ops call Actions on Objectives—meaning it is really tailored to help these Special operators do their jobs and survive. Jeffery noted that it is a necessary complement to his usual Battle Drills, and that Tacfit Commando is the ‘exercise equivalent of honing a blade.’

Will It Work For You?

This is a question only you can answer. Indeed, Tacfit Commando is one of the best training programs out there. You will not only leave the program ripped, you will leave it combat-ready and brimming with useful cognitive and physical skills.


However, it takes a huge level of dedication and commitment, and that is why ultimately only you can answer this question. If you are tired of being weak, overweight, and out of shape, this is the program for you. This is not only for operatives or military personnel. This is for anyone who can commit, has a vision for himself, and is willing to work for the attainment of that vision. It will work, and many have attested to that. But you have to want it and want it bad—and once you do, you’re already halfway there.

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